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Are there any fees associated with comparing rates on
Comparing rates on is absolutely free! .
What products can I compare on
Currently you can compare car, motorbike, home, life, health insurance quotes and rates.
Where is
TopAssur is the only insurance comparison service in Luxembourg and deals with all of your Luxembourg insurance needs but not restricted to Luxembourg, we aim to help all of the cross border travellers too, so France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg all benefit from the use of our services.
How will the information I provide on the site be used?
Any information that you provide on will only be transferred to the financial services provider who you’ve chosen to share it with in order to fulfil your request. We will not sell your information to any third parties without your consent.
Is a broker? is not a broker and is not affiliated with any financial services company or insurance company. This allows us to take an objective and un-biased position in helping you compare products on our site. TopAssur is 100% independent of all financial services companies of Luxembourg
How do I contact TopAssur?
You may contact us via email at or by using our contact form and we respond very quickly to any questions you have

Health insurance basics

Health insurance, or private medical insurance as it’s also known, will cover the cost of private medical treatment for illnesses or injuries that are curable and short term (also known as ‘acute conditions’). Note that health insurance in Luxembourg...

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

You can make a sound estimate if you consider your current financial situation and imagine what your loved ones will need in the coming years. In general, you should find your ideal life insurance policy amount by calculating your long-term financial obligations and...

Life insurance Luxembourg

Life insurance Luxembourg It is subdivided into assurance on death, insurance on  survival, mixed insurance and additional benefits. Assurance on death includes: •    Temporary assurance that covers the insured for an amount that remains the same for the whole...

Driving lessons for scooter licence

While previously only a theory exam was necessary to obtain a scooter licence, since last week seven driving lessons are necessary to be allowed to ride a 50ccm bike. Teenagers from the age of 16 can apply for the so-called AM licence, with minors needing a signature...

How motorbike insurance is calculated

When getting cover for your bike, it helps to understand how insurers set their prices so you can help reduce the cost of your policy.   Generally speaking, the amount an insurance company charges is a reflection of: how likely you – as a biker – are...